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BPK Goes to LA (Digital Bolex Trailer)

15 October 2012 Post Comment

At the end of September, BPK traveled to Los Angeles to visit the minds behind the highly anticipated Digital Bolex cinema camera.  A camera that is sure to change Film and media as we know it, the digital bolex is a name many are familiar with. The original bolex sent waves through the film/cinema communites back in the 1930’s and the digital bolex is sure to do the same in the digital cinema world when it is released in November.

We knew that our main objective was to get work done in LA but it didn’t seem too bad as we spent most of our time with Joe, Elle and Toby of DB to come out with a spotlight that they would be proud of.  It was a great experience to not only pick their minds but hear their individual stories.  The shoot went extremely smooth and we owe that to the amazing personalities of everyone at digital bolex. Read more…

BPK Presents: Leila – Don’t Know You at All (Video Performance)

31 July 2012 Post Comment

We were fortunate enough to have Leila perform a new song titled “Don’t Know You at All” off her new album “Looking Glass”.  Check out the exclusive performance by Leila!! Read more…

Bruce Parker Kent Presents: LEILA (Interview Video)

18 July 2012 Post Comment

You have to give attention and respect to anyone out there following their dreams, especially if they’re stopping at nothing to pursue them.  Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Leila, got our attention with her amazing talent, vocally, and behind the piano.  An all around amazing women, Leila embodies passion as an up and coming artist and shares her story with us and the rest of the world. Read more…

Bruce Parker Kent Presents: FUMERO (Video)

21 May 2012 Post Comment

As part of the “Bruce Parker Kent Presents…” series, we shift our focus into the art world. For many, art is a form of expression, especially for the artist known as “Fumero”. Fumero gives us his opinions on the art world through his eyes while telling us about his own art form, “Fumeroism”. Read more…